Seminars are for your education.  They do not serve to beast the students all over the dojo floor, but are instead there so that you can learn, with like-minded individuals, the subject matter on offer.  No affiliation or particular level of experience is necessary, just an open mind and willing to learn.



The UK is out of its Lockdown, seminars are being booked and attended, and we're so happy to be back.  As such, the DVDs, books, and downloads available become even more important.

We are still hopeful that the following will take place

May 6th and 7th - The UK Martial Arts Show, Doncaster Dome.

August 1-5th - Summer School at Newton Abbot dojo.  Immersive week of training with Renshi John Burke.

August 6th - Katsu Tiru sensei teaching in Newton Abbot, Devon.

September 3rd - Bunkai Concepts seminar in Cumbria with Renshi John Burke hosted by Mark Stevens sensei.

October 23rd - Bunkai Concepts seminar in Heads of the Valleys, Wales, with Renshi John Burke hosted by SBN Gus Rogers


More to be announced.


Here's a brief look at the Heian kata in a loose, playful, mode:

 To book a seminar at YOUR dojo, please call 01626 360999

With more to come.

Bookings are now being taken for 2021


Seminars 4 U!

Some seminars may not be listed on this page as they are undertaken for groups who wish to keep the tuition purely for THEIR members.  As each club continues to be run in the way that THEIR sensei sees fit it is their prerogative to have the seminar run the way they want it.

A seminar at your dojo can be "Closed Door" or "Open".  Generally,  we find that Open seminars only attract open-minded people and have never found the issues of "style" or politics to keep people from training together.  We also respect those who want to keep the tuition specifically to how it can help their group, without having to be concerned with questions from Outsiders.  As always, the choice is yours.


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